How to choose integrated equipment of water and fertilizer

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Cucumber is combining irrigation and fertilization of a irrigation technique, mix water and fertilizer together, through the integrated equipment for irrigation, water for synchronous water to crop roots and improve the utilization rate of water, reduce the number of irrigation and fertilization, to meet the needs of crops.

For the fast and convenient integrated water and fertilizer equipment, many regions want to buy this equipment, but according to experience, it is best to pay attention to a few points when purchasing this equipment.

1, manufacturers, mainly to see each other when buying is a manufacturer or dealer, since want to buy equipment, on the premise of do not understand, can guarantee after the manufacturer of the best buy, or to avoid some problems in the operation problem everywhere when called upon. The integrated water and fertilizer equipment purchased in huayuan water saving co., LTD is guaranteed after sale and can be replaced if there are any quality problems.

2, understand the operation principle and intelligent level, although the principle of the equipment are not many, but also need to focus on, principle reflects the equipment technology advanced, if smart enough, also can match the price, if looks good, but the actual operation is complicated, not save manpower material resources, improve product quality, the purpose of this kind of equipment is also need to consider carefully.

3. Understand the operability of the equipment. Good simple operation, strong controllability and high security of the equipment.

Results cucumber of the water-saving equipment principle to be more intelligent, this equipment combined with irrigation cloud system, not only can realize quantitative irrigation timing, can automatic monitoring the data of crop growth growth, can also according to the growth of crops, irrigation amount can be adjusted, performed by the equipment water automatically.
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