Work overtime and busy production, concentrate on securing orders

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Work overtime and busy production, concentrate on securing orders
"Fight on the front line, strive to secure orders, gather strength, improve quality and efficiency", since July 15 to August, after get off work, the agricultural production workshop is still in the midst of a hot work. Everyone is working overtime without fear of hardship. In order to complete the company's short-term goals and tasks, we have to work hard, work overtime, and work hard in unity, striving to "guarantee quality and quantity" to complete the department's arduous and heavy production orders.
Since July 15th, after receiving the notification of the production order, the agricultural leaders have attached great importance to it and shouted the slogan of working overtime and ensuring quality and quantity for 50 days. After careful analysis and strict deployment, a reasonable production arrangement has been formulated : On the one hand, coordinate with the relevant departments of the company to get the production materials in place in time, on the other hand, organize and arrange production within the factory area. For the foreseeing that there will be bottleneck procedures and jobs in the processing process, arrange overtime in advance to avoid affecting the production schedule. Since August, the agricultural front-line employees, under the leadership of the factory leaders, have been fighting day and night on the front line of production. At 9pm, although it is already late at night, the agricultural production line is lit up with bright lights and machines. It's running, the staff is busy. Under the lights, next to the machine, there are some diligent masters who have been working with Gathering since the establishment of the factory, sometimes they are young operators who have just turned a few months ago, and some are still following the master trainees who have not yet been turned, but are in need of production. No one backed down, no one complained.
The task is at the forefront, no one shrinks, and under heavy pressure, those who can show their talents, walking into the workshop, all we can see are busy green figures, all sweaty, unpretentious faces. For the hard work and hard work of all employees, they immediately decided to reward each person with a barrel of soybean oil to express the gratitude and condolences of Convergent Agriculture to the frontline employees. Due to the fact that there are no general workers to transfer and hang overtime in the factory at night, the manpower is relatively tight. In order not to affect production, the team leader in charge of the shift will promptly supplement the processed parts that need to be transferred to each station in time. Tiredness and hard work have not reduced everyone’s enthusiasm for work. The employees always maintain a state of selflessness and stick to the front line of production with full enthusiasm. Everyone fights side by side, unites and cooperates, not only working with fast pace, high efficiency, but also with high standards of work , Strict requirements. The atmosphere of the whole unit is warm, and the enthusiasm for work is unprecedented. I gave up the moments of gathering with my family, and immediately devoted myself to the internal work regardless of exhaustion, silently responsible for the central work, and worked tirelessly, which fully embodies the dedication and dedication spirit of "letting a small house for everyone".
In order to fight for the limited production time, everyone is doing their part and working in an orderly manner. Tiredness and hard work have not reduced everyone's enthusiasm for work. They have always maintained a state of selflessness and persevered with full enthusiasm. In the production line. They hope that through their hard work in their respective positions, they can successfully complete the production tasks of the company. They insist on continuing to carry forward the spirit of cohesion and hard work in the future work. They only want to gather together agricultural workers. Tomorrow is better.
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