Leading the industry trend and creating perfect value ——Remember the research and development of Toenter's new water-saving products

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Leading the industry trend and creating perfect value ——Remember the research and development of Toenter's new water-saving products
Leading the industry trend and creating perfect value" is the core value of a company's management, and the value of every product management, and it is the established goal of the "Toenter people" to strive for. Toenter's four-stage direct connection configuration to the market The telescopic folding reel sprinkler irrigation machine with rotatable truss has the advantages of convenient movement, simple operation, labor and time saving, good water saving effect, uniform spraying, integrated fertilization, etc., and can effectively provide the crops with required water and fertilizer To increase crop yield. The 34-meter telescopic folding rotatable truss is a new water-saving product of Toenter. The unfolded length is 34 meters, and the actual spray width can reach 40 meters. This 34-meter telescopic folding rotatable truss is fully improved according to market demand. There are unique innovations in the random mode of work and the simplified mode of water flow.
The JP90/300 four-speed direct-connected reel sprinkler irrigation machine is equipped with multiple nozzles, a new truss that can be rotated, foldable, and can be drawn to avoid obstacles. The irrigation area of ​​one operation is 17-19 mu, and the spray uniformity coefficient and intensity atomization index meet the requirements of Q320323WBG01-2018. It is widely used in plain field crop irrigation, vegetable, nursery, pasture irrigation, etc. The intensity of sprinkler irrigation and precipitation can be adjusted by the valve according to customer needs.
If we want to achieve the set design goals, we need to do the basic work comprehensively and systematically. First determine the "five leading", namely: leading measures, leading quality, leading ideas, leading value, leading new products. The second step is to carefully study and analyze the meaning of the five leaders and their relationships. Everyone in the company truly understands these “five leaders” and can maximize their performance in their daily work. Leading and creating perfect value.
The telescopic folding rotatable truss is welded with stainless steel pipes, and the cantilever structure is welded with high-quality low-alloy structural steel square pipes. The surface is anticorrosive and galvanized, and has the function of rotating avoidance (such as telephone poles, trees and other obstacles). The sections of the telescopic folding rotatable truss can be quickly drawn and connected, and the installation and disassembly are extremely simple and convenient. The total length of the truss is 34 meters, and the number of refraction nozzles is 36. It has better atomization effect and higher spray uniformity, low working pressure, and a lot of energy saving. In farmland operations, the sprinkler cart can be automatically recovered, and the sprinkler cart and truss can be manually retracted and folded after each irrigation to the transport position.
As a new product that faces the market, the production and operation of the product are roughly divided into several processes. One is before product development. Market research on products in the same industry, grasp the advantages and disadvantages of the configuration quality of various types of products in the same industry, and accurately understand the types, prices, quality, configuration and market sales of each product. Then comprehensively analyze and formulate new product research and development plans; at the same time, it is necessary to investigate and study the versatility of product production and procurement resources, and the value analysis of resources, and formulate a comprehensive and complete new product management plan with the best value in the leading industry. Doing this well requires the efforts of the technical department, the efforts of the marketing department, the efforts of the purchasing department, and the efforts of the financial department. Implement a set of high-quality and high-efficiency work target management standards for the development of new product management, truly achieve it, and actively collaborate to ensure quality. The second is the output of the program. Before product design, resource investigation, evaluation, certification, and program compliance are compared. If there are special problems, it is necessary to integrate platform resources such as manufacturing, procurement, finance, etc., make full coordination, and strictly implement a work objective management standard. The third is product design and product trial production. On the basis of the previous work, the integration of product trial production resources is equivalent to integrated planning and management. The overall work quality will be higher and the work efficiency will be higher, which is also in line with the actual technical developer capabilities at this stage. Fourth, all aspects of product development, design, manufacturing, and procurement are equipped with new products that meet the business plan and meet the requirements of quality, value, and leadership. Full preparations for mass production conditions are in place, and small batches of trial production are launched into the market. To sort out and check whether various resources in the small batch trial production meet the standards, and submit the feasibility evaluation analysis report for production. Fifth, the new products are fully promoted and quantified to each product sales point. Sixth, after the product is put on the market, the product research and development department and the marketing department should pay attention to the collection of market information, have a full range of industry insights, and compare the competitive advantages and disadvantages of each product, and then carry out product improvements, provide technical services, Do a good job in value and quality supervision, and lock in product management results.
Only by striving for excellence in every link and earnestly implementing "leading measures, leading quality, leading concepts, leading values, leading new products", then the goal of "leading the industry trend and creating perfect value" can be achieved.
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