The company will hold a meeting on the implementation of operation measures in 2020

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The company will hold a meeting on the implementation of operation measures in 2020
On March 1, 2020, Toenter Group Co.,Ltd. Held a meeting on the implementation of operation measures in 2020. Chairman, general manager, senior management personnel and middle-level management backbone of Toenter water saving co., LTD attended the meeting. Chairman Mr. Liu yin and general manager Mr. Wei rongping made important speeches respectively. General manager wei rongping and the person in charge of the management target responsibility unit signed the statement of responsibility respectively.

The meeting
Chairman Mr liu yin made titled "coagulation hearts meet force, vigorously promotes the implement, up the steps again to promote enterprise development, the important speech, started working in 2020 raised six requirements: a, insist on the unification thought, raise awareness, is the important premise of complete each work. Second, we will continue to promote the company's transformation and upgrading. Transformation and upgrading is the only way to make the company stronger and better. Third, we will continue to promote scientific management. All functional departments shall give full play to their functions of coordination, service, supervision and guidance, and encourage all business sectors to adhere to independent management, independent development, self-restraint and self-realization. Fourth, stick to the goal of being strong and doing well. To be strong, we must first adhere to the strategic development direction of intelligent irrigation integrated service providers. Do best to stick to channel sales, project sales, service and operation of a variety of business models, adhere to improve the level of scientific management and team personnel quality, scientific decision-making, scientific management, strong execution. Fifth, strengthen the enterprise culture construction, enhance the enterprise soft power. Reconstructing the company's core values, corporate spirit, corporate purpose and core culture. Six, require different divisions of the company our solidarity and collaboration innovation, have the consciousness of the global overall concept, regular check, strictly implement company set rewards and punishment system, efforts to achieve the objectives.
General manager Mr Liu yin mobilization report at the meeting on behalf of the leadership team, a brief review of the work in 2019, according to the present stage of development and present situation, determine the Toenter water-saving 2020 overall business idea: clear direction, unified thought, gradually realize the transformation and upgrading; Consolidate the foundation, strengthen the internal work, promote the management step; Change the style of work, implement the responsibility, strengthen the goal-oriented process management; Optimize the personnel, build the team and adhere to the principle of employing people based on value. We will improve the efficiency and efficiency of management by focusing on the external market and strengthening the internal management.
Meeting, business units order to do 2020 annual business plan to carry out the measure report, said dasheng to earnestly implement the board of directors, general manager of decision-making and deployment, adhere to the healthy steady development policy, focus on business development orientation, based on intelligent irrigation integrated services market, growth, structural adjustment and the short board, benefit, risk prevention, strengthen the production organization and allocation of resources, ensure complete the operation and development indicators.

In 2018, the company is at a new starting point of strategic transformation, which is also a key year for the steady development of various work. Although the market competition is intense, target a difficult task, but we firmly believe that under the board of directors of the company scientific and correct decision, through the joint efforts of all staff, the company will be a new gratifying achievements.

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